Finite Element Analysis

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We use a number of modelling techniques, including finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), to model the behaviour of engineering systems and predict their in-service performance. Mechanical (displacements, stresses, strains), thermal (temperatures, heat flows) and many other types of behaviour can all be predicted.

For design, such modelling provides insight into product operation and reveals functional problems before expensive prototypes are manufactured.

In the post-market phase, it can help to identify causes of failure and evaluate remedial design changes before expensive change orders are issued.

Our experience includes:

  • Linear and non-linear stress analysis, including multi-body contact and mechanisms
  • Structural dynamics, including modal, harmonic response and full transient analyses
  • Adaptive processes (e.g. modelling material loss due to wear)
  • Probabilistic design
  • Parameter-based and topological design optimisation

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